Teaching dog parents on the southside of Hampton Roads


Doggy Decorum's philosophy is educating dog owners on how to effectively communicate with their dog by providing efficient training tools which result in a positive and rewarding life long relationship. These methods are backed by science and are force free to ensure our dogs are learning what appropriate behaviors will get them what they need and want.


I took and oath to train without PAIN or FORCE or FEAR, as dogs are born inherently good...and training should reflect there true nature.   


We all want our dogs to exhibit good manners when it comes to living in our home and/or while out in public. No matter your living environment, you want your best friend to behave, be friendly and be a part of your life. Everything in your home and the places that you take your dog, provide a bounty of stimulation causing your dog to be effected emotionally. Whether your dog jumps on people it greets, is not potty trained, or doesn't come when called, etc...after a while we become overwhelmed that we can not control our furry friend's bad habits. For most, this can lead to life disturbing behaviors. It doesn't have to be that way. Having the right tools to communicate with your dog in every situation is so important to keeping your dog safe and happy...and YOU stress free.

You owe it to your commitment to caring for your dog as well as wanting to enjoy your furry friend.  

Recent studies have shown that food plays a part in dog behavior.  In addition to training, I am offering nutritional guidance either as part of your training program or individual consultation. From kibble and wet food to home-cooked and raw diets.

It worked for these dogs... it can work for your's too!

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