Doggy Decorum, LLC was founded in 2007 by Andrea Singer.  

My love for dogs started as a little girl who would engage with every single dog I came into contact with, besides having my own. It wasn't until  I was volunteering at animals shelters during my first career working for corp America, that I knew a career in the pet industry was my true calling.  So I quit and started a dog walking/pet sitting business in NYC. After a few years of constant arm pulling by wayward dogs and breaking up fights at dog parks, OH! and adopting a bitey middle aged chihuahua, I began my studies to become a dog trainer.  Seemed like the next natural step in my career.  I read all the books written by renowned positive reinforcement trainers and shadowed several certified trainers in NYC for over a year.  Adding training to my already well established pet sitting business was blessing in disguise. 

As a shy introverted woman, I didn't realize how much I loved talking to people....especially about their dogs. Educating dog owners to communicate effectively with their beloved furry friends is the most rewarding career and the best decision I've made. It is truly my passion to teach dog owners about their dog’s natural instincts and behaviors, creating strong bonds between human and canine. Ultimately, giving them the knowledge to create a happy, healthy and rewarding relationship suited for their lifestyles.

​As I grow in my career, I hope to help as many pet parents as possible. Working in an ever changing industry, I am always learning  and innovating my training methods to comply with the oath I took to DO NO HARM.  My ethics and morals guide my passion in this industry: that animal welfare comes first.  

​I currently live in Virginia Beach with my furry best friends - Freddy, Flash and Lily.