Behavior Modification

Some dogs develop behaviors that just drive us crazy or maybe scare us. Whether its chewing on your belongings, barking at other dogs, lunging on leash, guarding, etc… there are many root causes that trigger your dogs to develop what is known as "inappropriate" behaviors. 

What years of science has taught us, is that these inappropriate behaviors are not actually inappropriate. They are part of our dogs' natural instincts, maybe a breed trait or a learned behavior based on their environment. 

These inappropriate behaviors are triggered by a variety of stimulus that cause dogs to react. However, that reaction that may not be desirable or cause danger to themselves or others. It is important to know that these behaviors are the dog's natural reaction as a species and we can't punish them for it. We have a duty as their caregivers to help them feel safe and trusting of us in our world. Additionally, if not addressed, those inappropriate behaviors stack up in the dog's brain as muscle memory and becomes their "gut reactions" every time they confront that stimulus. Reflected as either: FIGHT/FLIGHT/FREEZE.  

Most common behaviors are either fear or anxiety based, possibly learned from an early age or brought on by a new element or traumatic event.  Changing a behavior is a huge commitment on your part if you really want to help your dog and improve your relationship.

Training sessions for Behavior Modification are given in your home, unless your dog exhibit’s a behavior in a location other than your home.