Basic Training Programs

Puppy Fundamentals: 2 - 3 months old
​This early educational program is a great guide during a crucial window of time where a new puppy learns to acclimate to your home. As well as, providing you with the basic foundation of needs your pup will require living in a human's world. Its very important to utilize this time frame to ensure their next growth phase is easier on everyone.
In this 2-3 session program you will learn:​

  • Potty Training

  • Crate Training

  • How to SAFELY leave puppy home alone

  • Puppy-proofing your home to prevent destruction

  • Socialization/Exposure to everything puppy encounters

  • Appropriate chewing/playing with toys (biting/nipping inhibition)

  • Appropriate greeting humans and canines

  • Impulse Control

Basic Behavior Skills:  3 months old and up

In this next phase, we will teach your pup starts to how to behave 

appropriately to get what they want: food, water, toys, human attention, access to other dogs, outside areas, etc...

How we communicate how we want our pups to engage and disengage with us or other animals can be confusing to navigate given so many methods of training. Keeping in mind, we are asking dogs to live in a human's world, its easier if we all spoke the same SIMPLE language.  

In this 5 session program, cue training shapes and streamlines behavior. These cues, given along with hand signals, are marked with praise and rewards so our pups can identify what they did to get what they want/need:


  • Calm and Patience: Sit ,Down, Wait, Stay, Place/Bed/Crate.

  • Impulse Control/Redirection: Leave it, Touch, Find it, Drop, Give.

  • Loose Leash Walking : Lets Go, This Way.

  • Some tricks will be taught as well.


Advanced Behavior Skills: all ages, must prove basics

​This program is as many sessions needed to strengthen your dog’s behaviors learned in my Basic Behavior Skills program.   


We refresh at your home, then outside and in public places where they encounter more distractions that might require being cued from a distance, in a crowd or in a loud area.  We will add more duration, distraction and distance to that will impress everyone around you. This program sets you up for the Canine Good Citizen test as well.  

Once these programs are completed, your dog may further their skills with programs such as:

Therapy Dog, Psychiatric Service Dog and a variety of Sports Training