We don't mean to brag, but...

Don't just take it from us! Hear success stories first hand from these folks we were able to help too!

Peanut- The Spoiled Chiweenie

"I trusted Andrea Singer to train my 4 year old Chihuahua Dachshund rescue and she completely transformed her behavior. Before meeting with Andrea, Peanut wouldn't listen and didn't have proper boundaries. Because she is a rescue I tended to spoil her. Andrea taught Peanut how to behave and taught me the tools I needed to keep that behavior in check. I am so grateful to Andrea and have been using her ever since to board peanut if I am out of town." - Richard



Reactive Fred and Daisy

"I really enjoy working my dogs, Fred and Daisy, with Andrea. Both dogs had been reactive to my neighbors dogs as we would walk by their property. They would start pulling on leash and barking several houses away. In training she is attentive to and observant of their needs, she explains her approach clearly, and she is excellent at instilling confidence when trying new techniques. We’ve had (1) two-hour session, a few months ago, and I have noticed their behavior steadily improving. I met Andrea out hiking with our dogs, and its clear she enthusiastically loves dogs and has the patience, compassion, and talent you want to see in someone who works with animals." - Connie

Charlie's Puppy Classes

"I attended one of Andrea's Puppy Obedience classes at a local pet store to help train my then new puppy, Charlie. We also attended her Advanced Puppy class. Her training techniques are easy to replicate and practice on my own, which helps when you have a wile but smart puppy. My biggest issue was controlling him on leash, as he is very enthusiastic when out on a walk. Andrea's training techniques really helped Charlie not to pull and instilled confidence in me to control my dog on leash. I was very pleased working with Andrea, her training really helped!" -  Julie


Copper- from crazy puppy to polite pal. 

"Andrea is a great dog trainer she offered solutions to just about everything we needed for our dog. Our pup Copper is now a wonderful indoor/outdoor dog and thanks to the awesome training Andrea offered we are very content. Andrea saved us from all the heartache of potty training, leash walking, crate training, pup chewing through bedding and more. So if you are looking for a great dog trainer that can help you with your pup needs, I highly recommend Andrea." - Yesenia 


megs dogs.jpg

And Callie makes 4!!!!

"We were honestly afraid that we were going to have to re-home our 4th kid because of her aggression. Andrea came to our home and worked directly with us. She was there every step of the way! She was absolutely one of the most caring individuals that was honestly interested in helping us no matter what. In my opinion, Andrea went above and beyond to help us and has continued to be there every time I have reached out to her for my friends and family. She is professional and caring at the same time and absolutely amazing at what she does. I would recommend Andrea and Doggy Decorum, LLC to any and everyone I know. BTW, these are the two now that wanted to kill each other a few years ago..." - Meg


Oliver - tiny, tenacious & timid

"Andrea is so sweet and very flexible with scheduling the training sessions. I highly recommended her for any type of dog training. She did basic obedience training for our mini dachshund pup and he absolutely adored her! He would literally run laps around our apartment every time she came over for training. Even our cat got excited when Andrea was over! She genuinely cares about her clients and does her best to make sure they all succeed." - Katie