Who better to watch your dog than a dog trainer!


It’s a proven fact that pets are much happier, healthier and safer when they stay in a normal home environment vs. a kennel.


Dogs that are boarded at daycares or kennels can acquire unwanted behaviors due to stress from being around a varied group of dogs and handlers, possibly being crated for long periods of time and changes to your dog’s routine. Not to mention you are not 100% guaranteed your dog will be treated humanely, and that goes for even the most expensive boarding facility.


Pet sitters provide one on one attention, maintain your dog’s regular routine and walks outside to potty and play, follow feeding guidelines, etc…Just the way you take care of your dog.  And your dog gets to sleep in a comfy bed with another human, or couch or any of my many dog beds!


If your dog requires any special treatments or has special needs, just let me know.



  • Your dog must be dog friendly.

  • Please be sure to treat your dog with flea and heartworm medication to stay in my home.

  • Please provide me with vet or emergency contact info for emergencies

  • All dogs must wear a collar with ID tags with owner's current information.

References available upon request. And you are welcomed to visit my home to approve where your dog will be vacationing or test how well it likes my pets.